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Weekend Information 

Join us for an exclusive overnight Father's Day adventure where fine single malt meets wilderness survival. Fathers, sons and daughters will experience the wild High Sierras from the lap of luxury while learning essential outdoor skills from experienced instructors. 


  • Primitive fire-starting 
  • Identifying wild edible plants 
  • Relaxing in a fully portered camp 
  • Boutique bourbon (after young people's bedtime) 
  • Rustic gourmet campfire cooking 
  • Cuban cigars (after young people's bedtime) 
  • Rifle safety and marksmanship 
  • Storytelling around the campfire 
  • Safe use of the knife and axe 
  • Emergency shelter construction 
  • Rare tequila recommended by Gomez' (of Mammoth Mountain) founder Michael Ledesma (after young people's bedtime) 
  • Urban/wilderness travel tips for luxury items and how to find them & use them when in out-of-the-way places. 

This item is a reservation for a father and single child. If you would like to make a reservation for additional children click HERE or call 775.392.0828. 


Instructors: Connor & Kris Jacob

Connor joined the Marine Corps in 2009 as a light armored reconnaissance scout. He deployed to the Philippines twice as part of the Special Operations Group for 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, where he trained Filipino forces in the fight against Abu Sayyaf and ISIS. In 2015 he transferred to 1st Bn 7Th Marines and deployed to Iraq as a squad leader in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Connor is currently stationed at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center where he instructs in Mountain warfare tactics. He advises platoon and company commanders on defensive and offensive mountain warfare, and teaches machine gun, carbine and pistol day and nighttime engagement tactics. He is also an expert qualified rifle shooter.  

Kris started teaching pistol, rifle, and shotgun classes in 2008, and founded Bullseye Nevada in 2009. Since then he's managed a team of instructors with civilian, military and police backgrounds who teach everything from trauma medicine to long range precision rifle. Kris holds certifications from Front Sight, SEALFit Academy, Haley Strategic, Team Three Tactical, TSG Ed Santos low light combatives, and HITT Industries Tactical Medicine. He is also an NRA Handgun Instructor and a State of Nevada Certified CCW instructor. Kris holds a 1911 armorers certification from John Jardine (pistolsmith guild), and a Glock armorer certification from Glock Professional.