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Course Information

This course covers the safe use and effective handling of semi-automatic carbine rifle systems. You will learn the body mechanics and fundamental skills to shoot and reload your rifle quickly and accurately. 

Primary Topics Covered: 

  • Safe weapon handling 
  • Characteristics of carbine rifles 
  • Sighting in your rifle 
  • Fitting your rifle and equipment to your body 
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship 
  • Elements of good shooting positions 
  • Reloads 
  • Malfunction drills 
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning 

What to bring: 

  • Eye and ear protection 
  • Carbine rifle (or use ours)
  • Minimum of two Magazines 
  • Minimum of one magazine pouch  
  • Rifle sling 
  • Preferred foregrip 
  • 200 rounds ammunition (NO steel core ammunition) 
  • Water and snacks 

Course Duration: 11am - 4pm

Instructor: Brett Black & Connor

 Brett Black is an active duty Marine. In 2014, he deployed as an automatic rifleman in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon. Upon his return, he attended the Marine Corps Combat Instructor school where he was certified to teach marksmanship with the M4 and service pistol, tactics, CQB, and ballistics. He attended the Foreign Weapons Instructor Course and the Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Coach course. Brett is currently stationed at the Mountain Warfare Training Center as an instructor.

Connor joined the Marine Corps in 2009 as a light armored reconnaissance scout. He deployed to the Philippines twice as part of the Special Operations Group for 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, where he trained Filipino forces in the fight against Abu Sayyaf and ISIS. In 2015 he transferred to 1st Bn 7Th Marines and deployed to Iraq as a squad leader in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Connor is currently stationed at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center where he instructs in Mountain warfare tactics. He advises platoon and company commanders on defensive and offensive mountain warfare, and teaches machine gun, carbine and pistol day and nighttime engagement tactics. He is also an expert qualified rifle shooter.