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Course Information

Learn the skills to save those who are precious to you. How long will it take for an ambulance to reach your location? Will help arrive in time? This course covers essential emergency medical skills everyone needs to know to be prepared in the field and on the range to save a life while you wait for police and paramedics to arrive.  

You will also learn to assemble a medical kit and treat injuries from explosions, stabbings, and gunshot wounds (including tension pneumothorax). This course starts with an exciting classroom lecture and ends with hands-on practice where you apply what you learned on medical dummies. 

Primary Topics Covered:

  • Assembling a medical kit
  • Using a tourniquet
  • Maintaining an airway 
  • Treating a sucking chest wound 
  • Treating a laceration  
  • Treating tension pneumothorax
  • Treating yourself while under fire/stress 
  • Moving/lifting an injured person
  • And more! 

We sell Dark Angel Medical kits! 

This course is open to anyone aged 15 years and older. 

Instructor: Matt Willette

Matt Willette is a US Army veteran with ten years of Law Enforcement experience and ten years in the private defense market. He served in a variety of leadership assignments including SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Investigations, FTO and is a current sworn reserve police sergeant. Matt is an Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma LifeSaver Instructor, and Tactical LifeSaver Instructor.